“My Son Hunter” Teaser Trailer Released

[WATCH] Movie Teaser Trailer That Will Make Biden Furious

(RepublicanNews.org) – Director Robert Davi, who played in movies like “The Goonies,” “Die Hard,” and “License to Kill,” has an upcoming new release that’s sure to shock audiences. “My Son Hunter,” which is set to premiere on September 7, will cover what mainstream media refused to, including the First Son’s struggle with addiction and the Biden family’s alleged network of corruption. The producers recently released a teaser trailer for the upcoming film.

The sneak peek offers a montage of John James’ portrayal of the president telling his son Hunter he’s a “good boy.” The trailer also shows Biden sniffing the hair of a Secret Service agent.

The rapid-fire clip shows flashes of members of the Chinese Communist Party, a friend connected to the Bidens running from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Ukrainian thugs.

Fox News host Jesse Watters recently interviewed Davi about the making of the film. The director explained he felt obligated to produce “My Son Hunter” after he witnessed the mainstream media refusing to adequately cover the controversy surrounding the younger Biden’s laptop.

Davi said he didn’t want to demonize the First Son’s drug abuse, noting he has family members who have struggled with addiction. However, the director did want to detail pertinent information regarding the relationship between the president and his son.

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