Nancy Pelosi Lashes Out After Being Asked About COVID-19

Nancy Pelosi Lashes Out After Being Asked About COVID-19

( – COVID-19 cases continue to decrease across the country, prompting many states to remove pandemic restrictions and mandates. Yet, the virus remains at the forefront for many residents as a significant source of fear, and lawmakers want more funding for responses to potential future outbreaks. While there are legitimate questions regarding relief funds, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) doesn’t like answering them.

An NBC and Punchbowl journalist, Jake Sherman, recently caught the House Speaker’s ire when he asked her about COVID-19 relief funding. Pelosi responded that the US government needs all the money it can get to prevent the virus from spreading.

The controversial comments come just as lawmakers are teaming up in a bipartisan effort to find funding to create a new relief package.

Pelosi also claimed the pandemic was nothing to mess with, detailing that money would be necessary to prevent another COVID-19 variant from emerging. She then attempted to move on from the question, but Sherman again asked her to clarify further.

The Speaker of the House erupted in anger, blasting the journalist for asking so many questions. Sherman insisted that his query was substantive, reminding Pelosi that she typically enjoys such questions.

Instead of giving a direct answer, Pelosi then turned the tables to focus on the loss of lives in Ukraine.

The diligent Sherman noted that people are dying from COVID-19 as well. Pelosi did eventually get around to providing an answer, claiming her interests lay in offsetting pandemic relief.

Americans aren’t likely to see another COVID-19 relief bill anytime soon. Pelosi is currently spending much of her time talking to the White House about the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe, where Russia and Ukraine are at war. If any stimulus does arrive, it will likely land only after the conflict concludes and the dust settles.

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