NATO Leaders Engaged In a Secret Conspiracy to Stop Trump, Report Shows

NATO Leaders Engaged In a Secret Conspiracy to Stop Trump, Report Shows

( – While former President Donald Trump was popular among Republicans, neither Democrats nor international leaders viewed him in such a favorable light. Leaders were forced to swallow their pride to preserve the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) — or so it seemed. A new report suggests that NATO leaders responded to Trump breaking the alliance apart by engaging in a clandestine conspiracy.

Trump’s Threat

Even before his time in office, Trump questioned the necessity of NATO. He complained about how much money the US spent on the alliance and blasted how little other countries belonging to the organization invested. Shortly after stepping into the Oval Office, the former president threatened to withdraw America from the agreement. He accused multiple members of failing to pay their dues by reinvesting 2% of their GDP.

Surviving Trump

Concerned about Donald Trump’s ability to destroy the alliance, NATO leaders came together to strategize a solution to prevent the end of their union. The group’s fate lay squarely on the shoulders of NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. According to Leonard Schuette’s research, Stoltenberg’s skillful diplomacy and ability to effectively interact with others were the driving force behind preventing Trump’s potential interference.

Appeasing Trump

The call for NATO members to step up their spending came before the Trump presidency. In 2014, President Barack Obama urged that all alliance members needed to chip in. As a result, the leaders met at the Wales Summit in 2014 and agreed to spend 2% of their GDP on defense by 2024.

When Trump became president, only five of the 28 nations had achieved their goal of spending 2% of their GDP. America paid its dues.

Germany and other wealthy members of NATO were well short of the threshold, sparking Trump’s dismay and making those countries the targets of his anger. Stoltenberg would be the hero that the alliance allegedly needed to survive.

Schuette insisted that Stoltenberg and other NATO officials agreed with Trump’s demands because they weren’t a threat to the alliance, and it would win the good graces of the US. Stoltenberg got to work urging those underinvesting to boost their spending to prove to Trump that he shared the same concerns.

In order to conciliate President Trump and make it seem as though it was the driving force behind constructive change within the alliance, Stoltenberg gave all the credit to the US president. In 2018, Stoltenberg visited Trump in the White House and thanked him for his leadership.

Trump’s Turnaround

Two months after Stoltenberg’s White House visit, NATO held a summit in London; some feared it would mark the coming of the end. However, President Trump noted that everyone’s spending increased, claiming they were escalating to record levels.

In 2019, despite only seven of the NATO countries meeting the 2% GDP target, and another 15 committing to reaching the goal by 2024, Trump seemed happy with the alliance’s progress. The former president asserted that people were meeting their agreement and said he was pleased with that fact when asked whether the US would withdraw from NATO.

According to officials, Stoltenberg and his allies essentially distracted Trump by giving him credit for everything and not provoking him in any way. Regardless of their motivations, the tactics worked as Trump didn’t further his attack on the alliance.

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