NBC Broadcasts Controversial Climate Change Prediction

(RepublicanNews.org) – Viewers of NBC’s ‘Sunday Today’ were hit with more climate change alarmism on July 9th, with the on-air weather personality suggesting that parts of the American South could soon become unlivable.

During the broadcast, meteorologist Angie Lassman cited a 2022 climate report from the United Nations that said rising temperatures could make Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and California “less suitable” for humans within about 47 years.

Lassman’s guest co-host Joe Fryer said that much of the country is currently experiencing record heat and asked her what the tipping point would be for the human body. At what point will higher temperatures cause the body to “go into heat stress?” he asked.

The meteorologist said her co-host’s concern is “probably closer” than one might believe. Lassman then referenced the U.N. report, which said heatwaves are projected to become so extreme within 50 years that life in certain areas will become unsustainable should new climate policies not be instituted.

That same report says that almost a third of Earth’s population is set to begin experiencing life-threatening temperatures should nothing be done to offset rising temperatures. NBC’s Fryer referred to a lack of action as a ticking clock.

Legacy media uniformly reported on July 5th that Earth had experienced its hottest day in 44 years. One piece said that greenhouse emissions are fueling a “climate emergency.” That same coverage conveyed that current high temperatures are responsible for a number of “mind-bending” and “extreme” weather events around the world.

In a July 10th column from conservative commentator Cal Thomas, he referred to mainstream media’s climate change narrative as a “catastrophe du jour.” In his piece, he said that being reminded of past climate change predictions is a good thing for students of history.

Has “even just one” climate prediction from mainstream science come true, he asked? Thomas suggested that horoscopes, palm readers, and fortune cookies would yield “similar results” to most legacy climate projections.

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