NBC Embarrasses Themselves in Rams Opener

NBC Embarrasses Themselves in Rams Opener

(RepublicanNews.org) – The NBC network televised one of the NFL season-opener games on Sunday night, September 12. However, it seems the commentators were still knocking off the rust from their season break, and fans were quick to catch the mistakes. People don’t often get to see bloopers on TV, but when they do, they take advantage. 

The Los Angeles Rams hosted the Chicago Bears on Sunday night with a stadium full of fans. As the game went on, the commentators eventually talked about LA Rams quarterback (QB) Matthew Stafford. Of course, the star QB’s wife was in attendance, and the hosts turned their attention to her. What came next was embarrassing. 

The television network misidentified Stafford’s wife, Kelly, and mistook her for her friend, with whom she was having a conversation. Fans quickly noticed NBC’s mistake and wasted no time letting them know about it on social media. The network also caught its blunder, but by then, it was too late. 

Fans took to Twitter and ripped into NBC, cracking jokes about it, while others called the incident embarrassing. Some suggested how upset the real Mrs. Stafford was going to be after NBC identified her friend as the QB’s wife. 

It was a simple mistake, but people will take any chance they get to point out when networks are wrong. Mr. Stafford had a good night, with a career-high passing rating of 156.1, three touchdowns, and 321 yards rushing. Perhaps it helped to have both of his ‘wives’ watching him.

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