NC Gov. Looking for “One Good Republican” on Abortion

( – North Carolina’s Democratic Governor Roy Cooper is looking for just one Republican to stop abortion from a near-total ban in his state.

Speaking to CBS News about a bill passed by the state house, Cooper said “We need only one Republican to keep a promise.” Cooper has promised to veto the bill, and he wants at least one Republican who claimed they would protect women’s reproductive choices to make good on that and stop a veto override by voting with Democrats. 

The bill before Cooper restricts abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Cooper has called the bill an “attack” on women. 

Current state law starts restricting the procedure at 20 weeks. If the new bill becomes law, that cap would lower to 12 weeks (in most circumstances) starting July 1st, 2023. The new legislation changes the timetables and exceptions, too. For cases of rape or incest, abortion would be permitted up to 20 weeks. When life-limiting fetal anomalies are found, abortion would be permitted up to 24 weeks. 

The current exception to save the life of the mother would be unchanged. 

The bill also increases paperwork requirements for patients and doctors and alters the licensing requirements for abortion clinics. 

Cooper said the bill would, in practice, “ban many abortions altogether” because of roadblocks it puts in front of women, doctors, and healthcare facilities. 

Bill proponents see it differently. Senate President Republican Phil Berger said it was a “common-sense” bill that mostly affects second and third-trimester pregnancies. Republican Sen. Joyce Krawiec said the bill would give women and families “options that they haven’t had before” and would save lives. 

Cooper’s view of the bill seems more dire than what the legislation actually does. He said the state has become an “access point” for abortion in the Southeast. The legislation would stop many abortions, and the new requirements for abortion clinics would force many to close entirely.

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