Netanyahu and Putin Discuss War Over the Phone

( – Despite Russia’s past and current cooperation with Iran and a large number of Arab powers, the Baltic State has maintained what most consider to be reasonable diplomatic relations with the nation of Israel.

A number of pundits have suggested that Israel’s unwillingness to send any of its weapons to Ukraine is directly related to its need for perpetual access to Syria’s airspace, where they routinely bomb alleged Iranian-backed targets.

At the height of the Syrian civil war, well over 60,000 Kremlin troops were stationed in the country. Several thousand are still based there. Readers may note that after the Israeli-Hamas conflict boiled over on October 7th, the Ukrainian President asked the Jewish State for permission to visit in a purported show of solidarity.

Israeli officials reportedly told Volodymyr Zelenskyy that it was “not the right time,” but many suspect that their apparent shunning of the Ukrainian head-of-state was because Israel was more concerned with damaging their relations with Russia. Had the Netanyahu government invited Zelenskyy to their tiny Middle-Eastern nation, it is unlikely that the Russian President would have called his Israeli equivalent on October 16th.

In addition to reportedly offering Prime Minister Netanyahu Russian assistance with preventing a potential humanitarian catastrophe, Vladimir Putin was also said to have discussed what he learned during calls with other leaders in the region. Putin further gave his Jewish counterpart condolences for the Hamas-led slaughter of at least 1,300 of his nation’s citizens.

Russia has yet to designate Hamas as a terrorist entity, but the former Czarist empire is no stranger to indiscriminate Islamic violence. In 2004, Chechen Muslim separatists took an entire elementary school hostage in the town of Beslan, where they killed more than 330 people. Almost 200 of those were children

In spite of the Russian President’s condolences, most reports suggest that Russia has long blamed American foreign policy for laying the groundwork that led to Hamas’ recent attack.

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