Netanyahu Supports Claim Biden Was Asleep

Netanyahu Supports Claim Biden Was Asleep

( – President Joe Biden endured name-calling, mainly Sleepy Joe, during his campaign to become President of the United States. Past Biden opponents have accused him of falling asleep during important events, prompting the nickname Sleepy Joe. Now, a new accusation of not being able to stay awake faces the president once again.

In a Facebook video, Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alleged the leader of the free world fell asleep when meeting the new PM of Israel, Naftali Bennett, in August. The video seems to show Biden nodding off as Israel’s new leader spoke.

However, according to Reuters, the video was intentionally cropped to mislead viewers on Facebook, who shared it extensively. In the video, a voice can be heard off-camera telling the former PM that Bennett had met with President Biden. Netanyahu said he heard the two met and Biden gave Bennett his undivided attention. The former PM then dropped his head, mimicking someone falling asleep, as if to suggest that was what the US President did during the meeting.

The segment referencing Biden’s meeting was brief but enough to make headlines in Israeli media. Many of the news outlets accused the former PM of mocking President Biden.

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