Netflix Suspends Trans Employee Who ‘Crashed’ Meeting to Protest ‘Offensive’ Content

Netflix Suspends Woman Who Attacked Meeting Over Black Comedian's 'Offensive' Jokes

( – Comedy usually makes people laugh and have a good time. Before social justice and political correctness, everyone was at the butt-end of comedian performances. But now, the world has drastically changed, and comedians find it harder to perform a show without offending somebody.

Well, Dave Chapelle is no exception. Despite his long time in the industry, some people apparently don’t understand Chapelle turns his comedy barbs on everyone at some point. No one is safe. While many likely enjoyed the comedian’s Netflix special, at least one employee did not.

Terra Field, a software engineer for the streaming service, is transgender. She blasted Chapelle’s performance on Twitter in a 40-tweet rant explaining the violence the transgender community experiences. Netflix prides itself on its inclusiveness, Field believes its recent actions contradict the way the company presents itself. Instead of standing by its employee, who was obviously upset, Netflix suspended her.

The company noted her suspension, along with two other employees, had nothing to do with what she tweeted. Netflix explained it suspended Field and the other employees for attempting to enter a meeting they weren’t invited to or authorized to enter.

Netflix has been an inclusive company in the film industry, but this incident may set them back. Trans-rights activists and other social justice warriors aren’t likely to react kindly to their recent actions. Only time will tell whether the company experiences financial blowback from the episode.

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