New Amazon Competitor For Conservatives Goes Public

( – A conservative competitor to retailers from the woke left has announced that their company is officially going public. PublicSq. is billed as a pro-family, pro-life, and pro-freedom marketplace and was founded as an alternative to companies like Amazon that promote leftist mandates and ideology.

The company will begin trading on Wall Street’s New York Stock Exchange on July 20th under the tickers “PSQH” and “PSQH WS.” PublicSq.’s moniker will then change to “PSQ Holdings, Inc.” The business will be merged with Colombier Acquisition Corporation, a SPAC intermediary that trades under the symbol $CLBR on the NYSE.

PublicSq. founder and CEO Michael Seifert said in a recent interview that corporate ESG and DEI policies have “robbed” markets of “democratization.” While the CEO says there has long been a desire from consumers to spend money that aligns “with their values,” there has been “an equally strong” desire amongst investors to invest with brands that don’t hate America. Investors now have that option, he says.

Seifert says that “every single” vendor that has joined his platform agreed beforehand to respect the company’s core patriotic values. The CEO says that part of his decision to take the company public was based on the responses leftist corporations had to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson ruling.

Following the ruling, Amazon instituted a policy of reimbursing employees who crossed state lines to have abortions performed. A number of additional retailers on the platform implemented similar policies. Seifert said Amazon’s conservative customers became unintentionally but financially complicit in the act by default.

Omeed Malik, the CEO of Columbier Acquisition Corp, told Donald Trump Jr. on a recent podcast that conservatives can either continue to complain about woke-ism in the marketplace or “we can actually create” alternatives.

More than 1.1 million consumers have been accumulated by PublicSq. over the last year. During the conservative boycott of Target in June, PublicSq. became Apple’s second-highest downloaded shopping app.

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