New Details Emerge In Death Of Murdered Doctor

( – The family of a wealthy ER doctor from the Ozarks is looking for answers after saying the physician was murdered in a “planned” and “sinister” manner. Dr. John Forsyth was killed by a single bullet to the head, according to his brother, Richard Forsyth.

“It was not suicide,” the brother said.

Following his shift at a Cassville, MO hospital, the doctor told his pregnant fiancé via text at 6:59 a.m. that he would see her soon. Forsyth was reportedly headed to his $260,000 RV, which he often slept in at the hospital between shifts. The fiancé replied but never heard back from him. His phone was later found charging in the RV.

Surveillance video from the Cassville Aquatic Center showed Forsyth’s sedan pull into the parking lot at 7:12 a.m. An SUV then pulled up next to the doctor’s car but drove away. Police say that between 10 and 15 minutes later a man they believe to be Forsyth walked out of frame. The video does not show him returning nor does it show his car pulling away.

Nine days after failing to arrive for his evening shift that night, a kayaker found Forsyth’s body floating in an Arkansas lake 25 miles away. The Benton County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that the doctor had been shot but did not disclose more details.

Forsyth was an early adopter of bitcoin and in 2020 Forbes reported the blockchain cryptocurrency had made him a millionaire. His exact net worth wasn’t divulged, but it is known that he had monthly alimony and child support payments of $19 thousand. He and his ex-wife with whom he shared seven children are said to have been on good terms.

Though it went unreported to authorities, Forsyth’s brother said the doctor was kidnapped and released in 2022 after the pair created their own cryptocurrency. His family said there were recent concerns for his safety.

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