New Hunter Biden Scandal Revealed

New Hunter Biden Scandal Revealed

( – The scandals surrounding Hunter Biden keep creating problems for his father, President Joe Biden. Hunter Biden is currently the subject of multiple investigations surrounding his questionable business dealings overseas and for tax-related issues. The April 6 release of his memoir, Beautiful Things, brought with it a first-person account of his decades of drug abuse.

Adding fuel to the fire, on May 27, the Gateway Pundit reported that Hunter admitted to smoking crack cocaine with Washington, DC’s former Democratic Mayor, Marion Barry, on a recently revealed audio recording. According to the article, former Navy veteran Jack Maxey discovered the audio on a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop he managed to acquire.

The fact that the FBI allegedly confiscated Hunter’s laptop months ago and failed to disclose its contents adds another layer of concern to the situation, beyond the obvious problems related to the younger Biden’s drug abuse.

Maxey told the Gateway Pundit he revealed the existence of the audio recordings to “save the country.” He accused the federal government of “covering up [this information] to stay in business” with Communist China.

It’s not too much to expect the FBI to report on matters of national security. Patriots deserve answers.

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