New James Bond Movie Has Some Shockers

New James Bond Movie Has Some Shockers

( – The James Bond franchise has lasted decades and thrilled fans for years. The newest installment, “No Time to Die,” is set to release on October 8 in the US and is sure to shock fans. The 25th movie in the franchise will leave fans shaken or stirred, depending on their 007 preference.

53-year-old actor, Daniel Craig, has announced the latest movie in the James Bond franchise will be his last. In addition to Craig taking his last turn at playing the iconic character, producers have broken the typical Bond narrative many fans might expect.

The movie makes sure to include an Easter egg that references another film from the franchise’s past when it plays an instrumental version of “We Have All the Time in the World” by Louis Armstrong.

Craig’s version of Bond is still the dark, brooding character people have come to love. However, this time, Bond seems to be the most vulnerable the character has ever been. To compound the different emotional landscape further, three Bond girls played by Ana de Armas, Lea Seydoux, and Lashana Lynch, each bringing out different aspects of this Bond, break from the traditional Bond film formula.

Hopefully, the movie will break the “Bond curse” in which the last film an actor plays in is their worst. As of now, “No Time to Die” is giving fans hope and will likely receive accolades alongside Craig’s previous portrayals of the character.

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