New Numbers Show Immigration Is Most Important Issue to Americans

New Numbers Show Immigration Is Most Important Issue to Americans

( – Polls are a good way for politicians to recognize how Americans feel and what kind of changes they hope to see. Most surveys have a series of questions with multiple choice answers. However, one recent project left a question open-ended instead, allowing participants to write in their responses. The results were astonishing.

The Wall Street Journal-sponsored poll asked registered voters what issues they wanted Congress and the President of the United States to prioritize. Surprisingly, most respondents placed immigration high on the list.

Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) thought the answer was pretty obvious.

Respondents also called for more specific action on the southern border, migrants, closing the border and illegal immigration. Unsurprisingly, pollsters were also more confident in Republicans securing the border, labeling them best suited to fix the US immigration system. Around 41% said the GOP would better secure the border, while 52% called on Republicans to improve overall US immigration policies.

Democrats, on the other hand, didn’t fare well, with only 27% believing that they were better equipped to fix the immigration system. Just 16% trusted Democrats over Republicans to secure the US-Mexico border.

After stepping into office, Biden poorly handled the border crisis, which triggered an ongoing plummet in his approval ratings. The president’s poor performance is now beginning to impact his party, convincing voters to turn away from the DNC.

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