New Plan to Force Out Hamas May Have Devastating Consequences

( – The Israeli military is considering a strategy to inundate the intricate network of tunnels used by militants in the Gaza Strip as part of its campaign to eliminate Hamas.

The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed American officials, said Israeli forces set up large water pumps in Gaza City in November. The five pumps were located near the al-Shati refugee camp, an area already under Israeli control in the northern part of the Strip.

The pumps can flood the underground tunnel network within weeks by pumping thousands of cubic meters of water into them every hour. Israeli officials have allegedly briefed U.S. allies about these discussions but have not yet made a final decision on whether to proceed with the plan.

A source familiar with the plan told the WSJ that it was “impossible” to know whether the pumps would be effective. Details of the tunnels and the surrounding ground around them are unknown, and the Israeli Defense Force has never been inside of them.

The Israeli government is yet to comment on the WSJ report or the unverified videos on social media that allegedly show the pumps in operation. However, there’s an array of potential concerns, such as the possibility of damage to Gaza’s aquifer should seawater enter the system. Likewise, there’s a fear that the 137 hostages still in Hamas’ captivity may be held in the vast underground network, which is also used to store valuable assets and protect militant leaders.

It is believed that the tunnels could span up to 300 miles, with some sections even large enough for vehicles to drive through. They possess a strategic advantage for Hamas, making them an important target for a successful Israeli operation.

Israel is committed to wiping out Hamas within the Gaza Strip, which the militant group has controlled for 16 years. The Israeli Defense Force has entered the southern part of the strip en route to Khan Younis, the second largest city in Gaza and home to Hamas’ political and military leaders.

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