New Poll Reveals Devastating Situation for Democrats in 2022

New Poll Reveals Devastating Situation for Democrats in 2022

( – The president’s approval rating can be a close indicator of how their party will perform in the midterm elections. Accordingly, Democrats might need to worry because President Biden’s approval ratings have declined in recent months. Although it’s more than a year ahead of the 2022 elections, should liberals fret about a shift in momentum?

According to the right-leaning political polling firm Trafalgar Group, concern might be in order for Democratic candidates. In its two-day nationwide poll of 1,087 people, the group found only 39.6% approved of President Biden. The news isn’t exactly inspiring to the Democratic party.

The poll, conducted between October 4 and October 6, had a margin of error of just under 3%. While the group leaned more toward conservatives, the number of Democrats disapproving or strongly disapproving of Biden was still surprising at a total of 34.4%. Still, the Left accounted for 35.6% of those surveyed, just below Republicans at 39.3% and well above the 25.1% who identified as Independents.

It’s not far fetched to say Democrats and Republicans will likely vote along party lines despite disapproval. The real story is in the Independent group where a majority, 65.8%, disapprove of President Biden. That might be more than enough to allow Republicans to regain the majority in the Senate and even potentially win the House.

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