New ‘Red Wave’ Report for 2022

New 'Red Wave' Report for 2022

( – Recent elections have triggered an upset in the state of New Jersey as Ed Durr defeated Democrat Senate President Steve Sweeney. The truck-driving Republican vowed to become “dangerous” for Democratic Governor Phil Murphy’s policies a short time later. However, Durr also shared a bold prediction about the 2022 elections.

The budding New Jersey Senator clarified that his campaign wasn’t about him; instead, it was about people who have suffered over the past two years as leaders steamrolled over their rights in response to the pandemic. Durr feels the situation is so bad, people are finally starting to stand up and say enough is enough.

Durr also took the time to touch on his campaign strategy, noting that it involved meeting with people in person, attending rallies, listening to people’s problems and shaking hands. He explained that the only way to know what’s important is to understand what people are feeling.

Despite coming out ready for a fight, Durr also noted that he has no problem working with Murphy if the governor truly wants to build a better New Jersey. He feels his win will likely cause a course correction in the legislature, adding that Governor Murphy may need more convincing — a lesson he might only learn by losing congressional seats in 2022. The senator firmly believes his win proves next year will usher in a solid red wave.

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