New Study Shows Democrats Don’t Want a Supreme Court

New Study Shows Democrats Don't Want a Supreme Court

New Study Proves Democrats Want Nothing To Do With Democracy

( – Many progressive Democrats have urged President Joe Biden to reform the Supreme Court. Some have even called for him to expand the number of justices on the bench from nine to 13. However, a Heartland/Rasmussen poll recently revealed that some don’t want the SCOTUS to exist at all.

Results showed that 53% of Democrat respondents support the idea of abolishing the high court altogether. Most Liberals noted that they favor a “democratically elected” SCOTUS instead.

Nearly two-thirds of Democrats support the idea of an expansion. But when looking at voters as a whole, that number reverses: 51% said they disapprove of that plan.

Still, an overwhelming number of Leftist voters seem to want to dismantle the Supreme Court or at least have a way to override it. Around 39% of Democrat voters believe a constitutional amendment should allow the United Nations to reverse any high court decision if its members find it violates human rights. A meager one-third of Democrats said they still view the SCOTUS positively.

The fact that so many Americans want to abolish the Supreme Court is concerning. Much of their displeasure likely stems from a Conservative majority currently holding power over the judicial body. The recent ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, a landmark decision granting women a constitutional right to abortion, also aggravated many Democrats. But is that reason enough to do away with one of the highest courts in the land?

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