New Tech Could Lead to Surprise Nuclear Attack by China, Report Suggests

New Tech Could Lead to Surprise Nuclear Attack by China, Report Suggests

( – Tensions between the United States and China seem to be at an all-time high as the countries continue to disagree over several subjects. China has now successfully tested hypersonic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Given the potential seriousness of an attack with such weapons, US officials are deeply concerned.

Vice-Chairman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff John Hyten warns that China’s hypersonic weapons could result in a surprise attack on the US. Hyten explained that last summer, China successfully sent a missile around the world at more than Mach 5 — that’s five times the speed of sound. The second-highest-ranking military official compared the feat to Russia’s launching of Sputnik, the first manufactured satellite ever sent into orbit.

Hyten questions why China’s most recent test didn’t prompt the same urgency witnessed after Russia launched Sputnik. The VC feels DC should have taken the impressive technology advancement far more seriously.

With physics-defying properties and superior designs, China’s tech seems to be catching US officials off guard. At the very least, it appears to rival any defense capabilities our own military has access to. China has conducted hundreds of tests; the US has yet to crack double-digits. Is this proof America is on the verge of another Cold War?

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