New York City Descends Into Chaos As Police Were “Reformed” By Leftists

New York City Descends Into Chaos As Police Were

( – Violent crime is on the rise in New York City after it experienced years of record declines. Shootings have nearly doubled citywide, subway assaults are on the rise, and increased robberies and assaults concern city officials. Academics and police unions blame this “perfect storm” on leftists’ efforts to reform law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

On November 22, Fox News reported that Alfred Titus Jr., a former homicide detective, and College of Criminal Reform professor, says a combination of efforts to defund the police, bail reform programs, and the coronavirus outbreak contributed to the citywide rise in crime.

Police benevolent associations and unions echo that sentiment, blaming efforts by Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio and leftist city council members for slashing the police department budgets, handicapping officers’ efforts to rein in crime.

Efforts to defund the police have created problems in other Democratic-led cities as well, leaving little doubt of the dangerous impact of leftist efforts to throttle law enforcement activities.

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