Newsom Asked to Answer for Potential State Constitution Violation

( – It likely surprises few that the former mayor of what many would consider to be the most liberal city in America has chosen to use his position as California’s governor to appoint a pro-abortion lesbian to the late Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat. Despite most labeling the Golden State as a liberal bastion, it is not completely devoid of conservative detractors who are critical of Gavin Newsom.

Congressman Darrell Issa is reportedly preparing to put a letter into the hands of California’s governor and other U.S. Senate leaders in which he questions the constitutionality of Laphonza Butler’s Senate appointment. After Butler’s placement, Issa condemned Newsom’s decision and said he had chosen the “most progressive” black woman available and that he had done so “for political purposes.”

Issa’s letter seemingly notes what others have already reported, which is that the EMILY’s List president chose to use her Maryland address as her residential designation on FEC filings for her far-left political action committee. The Republican suggested that her loyalty to Californians was questionable.

Others have also previously noted that the Senate appointee appears to have scrubbed evidence of this fact from her social media trail. Shortly after being confronted with Butler’s apparent residency issues, Gov. Newsom’s office said that Butler does indeed meet the qualifications to be a California senator because she owns a home in the state.

According to Newsom, she also plans on re-registering with the secretary of state so she can once again vote in regional elections. As part of his qualifier explanations, Newsom did not mention that the reason Butler would need to re-register in California was because she had apparently been voting in Maryland for the previous two years running.

Most would probably say that voters are generally aware that our legislators are required to maintain a residence in the region they represent. Hillary Clinton famously moved to New York before kicking off her Senate campaign.

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