Newsom Says Biden Has “Done Well,” Says Opponents Need To “Take a Deep Breath”

( – Only time will tell if California Governor Gavin Newsom was sincere during a recent interview with CNN, or if he was playing the long game in a political war inside the Democratic Party. Perceptions aside, the Sacramento liberal told the network’s Dana Bash on September 18th that President Joe Biden has “done well.”

He attributed current economic woes to a national polarization between opposing ideologies and appeared to blame former President Trump without calling out the leader by name. Newsom indicated that the previous “five” to “six years” has left the country “traumatized.”

Bash pushed Newsom further on the economy and referred to the issues surrounding it as “the headwinds” the Biden administration is facing as they approach the next election. She appeared to present unemployment and inflation in a better light than many others might think they actually are. Bash told the governor that “true unemployment” is close to “all-time lows” and mentioned that “inflation is back” below “4%.”

The host capitulated that the country is dealing with rising “interest rates” and “gas prices” and appeared to admit that most Americans feel uneasy about the state of the economy. She asked Newsom if the disconnect with voters was due to a “messaging” issue or to something “more fundamental.”

The Californian responded by saying that current economic conditions in the United States are “not” at all “unique” and that what the country is experiencing is a worldwide “phenomenon” that came about as a result of the pandemic. “Directionally,” Newsom said, Biden “is performing.”

He pointed out that inflation is down approximately “two-thirds” from “its peak” and that unemployment for a number of minority groups is at near-record lows. Many outside the governor’s party would likely say representations were tilted to favor the Biden administration, but the CNN host chose not to challenge him statistically.

When asked about concerns many have regarding Biden’s age, the governor called the President “a seasoned pro.”

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