Newsom Selects Replacement For Feinstein

( – Just two days after Senator Dianne Feinstein’s death, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that Laphonza Butler would be her temporary replacement. The appointment of the far-left EMILY’s List president came in spite of the fact that the newfound legislator has not reportedly lived in California for at least two years.

According to previous reports, Butler’s FEC filings for EMILY’s List show her home to be in the State of Maryland. A number of stories on both the right and left have pointed out that Butler and her staff appear to be scrubbing crumbs from her digital record that show where her residence is located.

Some have suggested this is being done as a matter of political optics because California’s newest senator is planning to seek her party’s nomination officially for the seat in the upcoming 2024 election cycle. Politico noted that her appointment at the hands of Newsom came with no “preconditions” and that she is free to join the other contenders if she so chooses.

Should that be the case, she would ultimately face off against Katie Porter, Barbara Lee, and Adam Schiff. Schiff, who is already well-known nationally because of his pursuit of Donald Trump, would be forced to explain to potential voters the nature of his June censuring in the U.S. House. His colleagues found that the Rep. had knowingly lied about Trump’s alleged abuse of power while in office.

California’s upcoming senatorial race is an issue for the future. Until then, Butler will be allowed to work in the Senate unfettered. Many would say that her status as the chamber’s first black lesbian is only a hint of the policies that she has in store for Feinstein’s constituents.

Prospective California voters wanting to know what Butler stands for need look no further than her June 30 Twitter post in which she speaks of a legal system that was “created for white” males “by white” males.

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