Newsom Takes Green Agenda To Texas – It Did NOT Go Well

Newsom Continues To Go After Texas

Newsom Continues To Go After Texas

( – California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has repeatedly taken issue with Texas and its Republican governor, Greg Abbott. Just last month the Democrat called out the Lone Star State for its continued use of coal. Now, the California leader is flinging insults at the southern rival.

Newsom recently spoke with Francine Lacqua, an editor-at-large for Bloomberg Television, during the September 21 United Nations Climate Action: Race to Zero and Resilience Forum conference. The Democrat started off talking about California’s bold initiatives focused on reducing carbon emissions.

Lacqua noted the mission was noble before asking Newsom if his residents would be able to “keep the lights on.” The Democrat responded with the claim that Texas had “doubled down on stupid.” He explained the Lone Star State relied on coal and natural gas and failed to provide reliable power. The governor asserted the real question was why Texas continued to reinforce policies that resulted in the conditions Texans faced in 2021, when millions lost power during a winter storm.

Newsom recently passed a number of bills focused on clean energy including SB 1020. The act requires 90% of California’s energy to come from green sources by 2035, increasing the goal to 95% by 2040 and taking that number to 100% by 2045. The bill also dictates that all electricity state agencies use comes from clean energy by 2035. Assembly Bill 1279 urges residents and businesses to become carbon neutral as soon as possible but no later than 2045.

While Governor Newsom is busy touting clean energy and bashing Texas and other red states, California is hemorrhaging residents, with many blaming the state’s policies and government for their departure.

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