NFL Releases Photo Showing Taiwan Belongs to China

NFL Releases Photo Showing Taiwan Belongs to China

( – Republican politicians and conservatives continue to scrutinize the National Football League (NFL) for supporting the highly controversial and deeply debated Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Many question the league’s involvement in activism, especially in the wake of countless violent BLM-associated protests over the past year.

Now, the NFL is once again making political headlines — this time for making false claims about the heavily-debated island country Taiwan. China and Taiwan have been at odds for some time now, mostly because they disagree with the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) claims of ownership over the region. Instead, the island nation considers itself a self-governing, independent entity — and that’s a designation its officials say they wish to preserve.

So, where does the NFL fit in?

The sports organization recently published a map detailing its 26 international home marketing areas, which allow specific teams direct access to eight different countries. The hotly debated document depicted Taiwan as a part of mainland China.

Republicans quickly responded to the contentious map with deep dismay. US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was particularly miffed, accusing the NFL of chasing incentives and payments offered by the CCP. Former Trump official Morgan Ortagus suggested someone should have shown the league a globe before they created the document. Even singer Sarah MacLaughlin had something to say, pointing the finger at the NFL for bowing to China’s demands.

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