Nikki Haley Says It’s Time to Fix America’s ‘Self-Loathing’

Nikki Haley Says It's Time to Fix America's 'Self-Loathing'

( – The US is dealing with a serious COVID-19 problem. But there’s more than just a virus plaguing America, according to the former United Nations ambassador, Nikki Haley (R). The former South Carolina governor believes America needs to act now before it’s too late.

During her speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute in California, Haley said the most critical mission for the country is to stop national self-loathing, something she called more dangerous than any virus. Although the US has been dealing with the coronavirus for quite some time now, and people still live in fear of it, Haley suggests there’s something much worse lurking in the heart of America.

The former ambassador claims the political Left’s foundation is anger toward America. Haley added Democrats no longer believe the US is a colorblind country, accusing citizens of not believing in America’s values. She stated US enemies fear nothing more than a strong America putting confidence and courage in its convictions again.

Haley blasted President Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal, claiming it only empowered America’s adversaries. She remarked everyone could see the Taliban takeover coming except the president. Based on her experience, that gaffe is a fireable offense. The former governor called upon the Republican party to rise to the challenge, insisting they make the US fairer and freer and overall better.

Many people hope Haley will run for president in 2024, but she has indicated she plans to coordinate with former President Trump before deciding if she should run.

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