Nikki Haley Taps Girl Power In Campaign Promo

( – It is more common for female Democrat candidates to play the gender card, but Republican Nikki Haley appears to be putting her chips on the bet that a female-centric campaign will boost her presidential chances.

Starting on April 10th, Haley will visit Iowa for her first campaign stops to roll out the “Women for Nikki” campaign.

Campaign manager Betsy Ankney told Fox News that Haley’s team was “looking forward to working with women in Iowa and all across the country” to catapult Haley to the presidency in 2024. Ankney continued to speak about “strong women leaders” and how many of them there are “in the Hawkeye state.”

The co-chair of the Iowa Women for Nikki campaign, Rachel Geilenfeld,  said Haley’s “impressive resumé” includes being a “job creator,” a governor, and a “tough as nails conservative” who is not afraid of confronting hostile countries like North Korea, Russia, and China.

The other co-chair was equally enthusiastic. Emily Sukup Schmitt called her boss a “principled, gutsy leader” who will strengthen America and make it proud.

Schmitt leaned hard into the “strong woman” narrative, saying that as a working mother, she wants to see a “mom” in the White House who will fight for American children. Schmitt then said she was speaking as a female businessperson who found Haley’s positions on spending cuts and tackling inflation impressive.

In one of her initial teaser campaign spots in February, Haley did the voiceover and asked listeners to remember that “when you kick back, it hurts them more if you’re wearing heels.”

Haley officially launched her presidential bid on February 15th in Charleston, South Carolina. Fresh off a long-distance spat with CNN host Don Lemon, age 57,  who angered his female co-hosts by stating on-air that 51-year-old Haley was “not in her prime.” Lemon’s co-hosts, Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins were obviously annoyed, and they pressed Lemon to define what “in her prime” meant.

Haley trails Republican favorites Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis in early polls.

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