No New Pence Classified Docs Found

( – So far at least, no new documents marked “classified” have been found at the think tank offices of former Vice President Mike Pence, according to the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

DOJ agents searched Pence’s office on Friday, February 17th, according to the department. The search was voluntary, and Pence’s attorneys were present.

Pence advisor Devon O’Malley said the DOJ was given full access to Pence’s office at Advancing American Freedom with no restrictions. He said his boss has “consistently cooperated” with the investigation.

The news in January and February has been dominated by two topics: unidentified flying objects and the apparently widespread practice by former White House occupants of holding onto papers marked “classified.”

In January lawyers working for the White House searched President Joe Biden’s two Delaware homes and his D.C. think tank, the Biden-Penn Center. Documents marked “classified” were found at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home garage where he keeps his classic Corvette Stingray.

No documents were found at the President’s home in Rehoboth Beach.

Shortly after, former VP Mike Pence said he had found documents marked classified at his Indiana home, which he promptly delivered to the National Archives.

The calm and cooperative approach to both Biden’s and Pence’s documents contrasts sharply with the treatment dealt to former President Donald Trump last year. Though Trump cooperated with the investigation into allegations that he’d held on to documents that he shouldn’t have, the FBI launched a raid on his Mar-a-Lago home in September 2022.

The action was unprecedented in presidential history. At the time, Trump complained that agents ransacked his house, even going through clothes closets used by his wife, Melania.

Pence advisor O’Malley said that while DOJ agents didn’t find any classified documents at Pence’s office, they did take a binder containing “three previously redacted documents.”

It is not clear what those contained, or whether these documents would be subject to classified protocols.

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