No Visitor Logs for Biden Homes

( – It appears that visitors can come and go from President Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home without fear of their visit being recorded. In a statement released January 16, the White House Counsel’s Office said there were no visitor logs for President Biden’s home in Wilmington.

The week before, White House lawyers say they found a “small number” of papers marked “classified” in the Wilmington garage where Biden keeps his classic Chevrolet Corvette.

The January 16 statement said that all presidents in the past had private, personal homes, and the lack of a visitor log for Biden’s Delaware residence was not out of the norm. 

The statement made a dig at former President Trump, stating that Biden “restored the norm and tradition” of keeping visitor logs at the White House when the Democrat took office.

On Sunday, January 15, Kentucky Congressional Representative James Comer demanded to see visitor logs for Biden’s Delaware address.

Last week, lawyers for the White House Counsel’s Office searched President Biden’s homes in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, both in Delaware, after it was announced that classified papers had been discovered at a “storage space” in Wilmington. This “storage space” turned out to be Biden’s garage.

The White House said no documents were found at Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home. The Secret Service, which provides personal security for current and former US presidents, among other figures, said that while it guards President Biden’s homes, it does not maintain logs of visitors there.

The same Secret Service spokesman said the service has access to records of visitors at government buildings and access to a visitor log at the Vice President’s house. The Secret Service did not explain why there would be a visitor’s log for the Vice President’s personal home but not for the home of the President. 

Whitehouse spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre declined to answer detailed questions about the President’s handling of classified documents. Instead, she referred the questions to the White House Special Counsel’s office and to the Department of Justice, which is leading the investigation.

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