NY Governor Sees Support Slump in Poll

(RepublicanNews.org) – New York State Governor Kathy Hochul may be losing support among voters if a recent Siena College Research Institute Poll is an indicator.

The poll found that while 46% of respondents held a favorable view of the Democratic governor, that number is two points lower than it was last month. Moreover, 49% of respondents said New York is “headed in the wrong direction.

Crime appears to be at the forefront of the public’s mind. Nearly half of the respondents — 49% — disapprove of Hochul’s handling of the state’s rising crime rate. 39% of respondents also indicated dissatisfaction with Hochul’s progress on her stated goal of making the Empire State more affordable to live in. However, 54% gave her high marks on this measure.

Crime and cost of living were the two top concerns in the poll.

Hochul and the legislature are trying to get through a budget of $227 billion, which observers expect to pass by the time the fiscal year starts on April 1st.

Hochul hitched her fortunes to the recent bandwagon condemnation of gas-burning stoves and furnaces that obsessed government agencies and the media earlier in February. News outlets pushed out stories with dire headlines claiming that 12% of childhood asthmas are caused by gas stoves, based on a faulty interpretation of one “study of other studies” published in Australia.

A majority of New Yorkers disapproved. 53% of respondents disagreed with Hochul’s proposed ban on installing gas stoves in new single-family homes by the end of 2025. She wants to extend that ban across all new construction by 2028. Only 39% of respondents approved.

Governor Hochul has not yet been tested as a governor at the ballot box. Her first step to the Governor’s mansion came in 2014 when then-candidate Andrew Cuomo chose her as his running mate. When the pair won the election, Hochul became Lieutenant Governor.

When a “me too” style scandal of alleged sexual improprieties engulfed Cuomo in 2021, Hochul then ascended to the governorship by bureaucratic process.

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