NY Governors New HIRE Looks A Lot Like Corruption

Hochul Hires Donor's Son

Hochul Hires Donor’s Son

(RepublicanNews.org) – James Tebele’s resume started in 2016 with his internship at his father’s company Digital Gadgets. Since November 2021, the 21-year has added to his experience as a campaign finance intern for New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D). Coincidentally, the young man’s father, Charlie Tebele, is one of the Democrat’s top donors.

The younger Tebele earned a spot among Hochul’s campaign after his father held a fundraising event for the governor. Weeks later, the Democrat awarded a $637 million deal to Digital Gadgets, which shifted its focus during the pandemic to create thermometers, masks, at-home rapid COVID tests, and gowns.

On November 22, the elder Tebele spent over $5,000 on servers, decorations, and catering for Hochul’s fundraiser. Charlie’s wife, Nancy Tebele, also donated $18,000 to the governor’s campaign that same day. On December 16, Hochul received a $20,000 donation from a “Leon Tebele” with the same address as Nancy and Charlie. Four days later, on December 10, the governor put competitive bidding for New York’s purchase of COVID-19 equipment on hold, leading to one of the two contracts Digital Gadgets received.

The New York leader denies knowing the family and company were supporters of hers. Hochul’s denial comes despite both her campaign hiring James Tebele and her awarding Charlie a deal with the state to buy his overpriced equipment. The decision, as well as the fundraiser and donations, all seemed to happen in rapid succession.

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