NY Rep George Santos to Run Again

(RepublicanNews.org) – Apparently unfazed by the public’s reaction to his untrue claims about his own past, New York’s newest Representative to the US House has filed papers indicating he plans to run for re-election.

George Santos, first elected in November 2020, started his political career with a firestorm provoked by his own lies about his family’s past, his education, and his work history.

The freshman Representative is a burr in the sides of many Republican lawmakers, who have criticized his dishonesty. Some have called for his resignation.

Santos claimed to be descended from survivors of the Holocaust. He said his grandparents fled the Nazi regime. But it turns out his grandparents were Catholics born in Brazil.

The Congressman has also claimed to have graduated with a degree from colleges such as Baruch and NYU, though there is no record of his having been a student at either of those institutions. Later, he said that he “didn’t graduate from any institution of higher learning.”

Despite the fact that his lies have been revealed, Santos has refused every call to resign (many of which came from his own Republican party). Constituents in his district on Long Island are so disturbed by Santos’ behavior and statements that some have demanded he be expelled from Congress.

While filing papers with the Federal Election Commission indicates at least an intent to consider running for re-election, it does not mean that Santos definitely will.

It’s not just colleagues and constituents that Santos has to worry about. The House Ethics Committee has opened a formal investigation into his 2022 campaign based on allegations of unlawful activity. A letter from the committee chair said the allegations include failing to disclose required information, violating federal conflict of interest laws in financial transactions, and “engaging in sexual misconduct” related to an applicant seeking a job at Santos’ office.

The House Ethics Committee says Santos is cooperating with the probe and no further details will be released yet.

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