NYC Air Quality Hits Record Low As Wildfire Smoke Lingers

( – The photographs out of New York City look like something from a post-apocalyptic movie as smoke from Canadian wildfires turns day into near-night in the Big Apple.

An orange haze thick enough to blur the outlines of buildings just a block away has settled on New York, putting residents in danger from the toxic atmosphere. On Tuesday, June 6th, Mayor Eric Adams warned New Yorkers with heart or respiratory ailments to stay indoors and keep any outdoor activities to a bare minimum.

New Yorkers have never seen such bad air in living memory. By Wednesday, June 7th, the city’s air quality was worse than that in New Delhi, India, the city with some of the worst air pollution in the world. The city issued an Air Quality Health Advisory through Thursday, June 8th, as the prevailing winds were bringing soot and smoke down from the more than 150 forest fires happening in the province of Quebec.

At its worst, New York’s air quality reached an index of 353, compared to its average of 100 (the higher the number, the worse the air quality). On an average day, New Delhi is rated at 190 according to the air quality site IQair.

Fox News meteorologist Stephen McCloud told the New York Post that the air in the city hasn’t been this bad since the 1980s. Even the clouds of ash and soot from the collapsed and burning Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001, did not affect the air as badly as this week’s Canadian forest fires.

In addition to the threat to people with heart or lung ailments, Mayor Adams said the air was so bad it was a threat to healthy and fit people.

Forecaster McCloud said an incoming weather system approaching from the West will begin to block air from Quebec. While air quality will improve through the weekend, it is still expected to be poor through at least Sunday, June 11th.

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