NYC Mayor Eric Adams Calls Migrant Crisis A National Embarrassment

( – The Democrat Mayor Eric Adams of New York City joined a local radio show on Jan. 3, where host Sid Rosenberg asked him about the migrant crisis in New York.

“It’s a real embarrassment, I believe, on a national level,” said Mayor Adams, adding that the migrant crisis is a national issue and deserves a national response. Adams said during the interview that no city should have to decide between providing for its own citizens or supporting “an onslaught of migrants and asylum seekers” and that dealing with the issue would require actions from both Congress and the White House.

New York City now hosts over 30,000 migrants, with over 20,000 housed in taxpayer-funded accommodations intended originally for citizens. Adams declared a state of emergency in the city in October 2022 and in December, requested $1 billion in emergency funding from FEMA to deal with the influx. FEMA is reviewing the request but has yet to act.

Migrants are arriving in NYC by bus, many sent by Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, who started bussing migrants to so-called Sanctuary Cities in April 2022. Abbott began the program of bussing migrants to cities like NYC and Washington D.C. to bring attention to the crisis affecting Texas and expose the hypocrisy of cities in blue states, which claim to welcome illegal immigrants with hospitality but balk when faced with fulfilling those policies.

Washington, D.C has also been receiving busloads of immigrants from Texas, prompting Mayor Bowser to request assistance from the National Guard as far back as July 2022. Gov. Abbott advised her that if she wanted a solution to the crisis in her city, she should call on Biden to secure the border.

Biden likes to talk tough, and while he may well be on his way to the border soon, his tough talk always falls flat, and it remains to be seen exactly where on the border he intends to go. 

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