Obama Ally Exposes Biden Administration’s Corrupt Hiring Practices

Obama Ally Exposes Biden Administration's Corrupt Hiring Practices

(RepublicanNews.org) – Democrats complained about nepotism, the practice of hiring family members, within the Trump administration. However, they have remained largely silent in the wake of the Biden administration’s corrupt hiring practices — that is, until now.

Walter Shaub, Barack Obama’s former head of the US Office of Government Ethics, posted a 23-part thread on his Twitter account discussing the Biden administration’s widespread hiring of family members.

His thread started with a link to an in-depth Washington Post article discussing the Biden administration’s widespread hiring of family members.

“I’m disgusted,” Shaub tweeted, adding that a lot of people worked to get Biden elected because of his campaign vows to respect government ethics rules.

Continuing, he pointed out that it’s against the law to give jobs to the family members of people who “cozied up” to Biden. As Shaub pointed out, even the head of the White House personnel office has a kid who is a recent college graduate working in the administration.

The Biden administration hasn’t disputed any of Shaub’s claims. In fact, in some instances, the White House attempted to justify hiring family members, saying they had the relevant qualifications for their jobs.

Looking at the bigger picture, Shaub pointed out that if the Biden administration can’t avoid a simple issue like nepotism, it “sure as hell can’t do the hard things.”

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