Over 100 People Dead After Democrat Bond Experiment

Suspect Arrested After Death of Houston Sheriff's Deputy

(RepublicanNews.org) – When looking to find new ways to deal with different tasks and subjects, many turn to experimenting. Some experiments are partially based on what’s already worked, while others are entirely new, and no one knows what will happen. Of course, no one sees it as successful when the experiment results in death.

Unfortunately for Democrats in Texas, their experiment seems to have gone awry. Democratic judges decided to release over 100 people on bond despite them facing capital murder charges. Perhaps they were attempting to give them some sort of leeway, but the results quickly turned deadly.

Many of those released haven’t learned their lesson as they killed more than 150 people in Harris County, Texas. Fox26 reported that no less than 113 people facing capital murder charges walked free after Democratic judges granted them bond. People facing life in prison or even the death penalty can roam free on bond. Think about that.

Larry Gibson, a sergeant with the Houston Police Department, expressed his concern over the criminals walking free on bond. Sergeant Gibson says these people have already killed others and are awaiting trial, adding that many of them kill again because they feel they have nothing to lose.

It would be interesting to see whether or not these judges grant these criminals bond repeatedly despite violating their terms of the bond and committing even more homicides. One fact is certain: Innocent people don’t deserve to die.

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