PA Governor Won’t Ask Fetterman to Resign

( – It is impossible for Americans not to notice the severely compromised medical and physical state of newly elected Senator John Fetterman, a Democrat from Pennsylvania.

But these obvious problems are not enough to convince Pennsylvania’s Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro to ask the freshman senator to step down.

John Fetterman – who was until last year an obscure small-town mayor in Pennsylvania – won his Senate seat in a contest against Oprah Winfrey-created television doctor Republican Mehmet Oz. But during his campaign in May 2022, Fetterman suffered a massive stroke that left him visibly disabled.

He continued to campaign, despite clear evidence on camera and in recorded audio that he struggled with speech comprehension and could not articulate appropriate responses. Fetterman supporters and Democrats in general seemingly denied what was plainly visible, accusing critics and Republicans of being “ableist” (bigoted against disabled people) for saying Fetterman was in no state to serve in the House.

This February, Fetterman has been admitted to the hospital twice for major depression, casting doubt on his ability to carry out his senatorial duties. Depression is a common “side effect” that many struggle with after a major stroke.

State Governor Shapiro apparently does not see it that way. Shapiro told a Philadelphia newspaper that if anyone in his own Democratic Party asked him to advise Fetterman to step down, he would “dismiss it immediately.”

Shapiro went on to say he thinks Fetterman will be “stronger than ever” when he’s released from the hospital. However, that is expected to take several more weeks. When someone is hospitalized for that amount of time for major depression, it usually indicates very serious problems that an individual cannot overcome in such a brief period.

Projecting optimism, Shapiro said he’s sure that after Fetterman gets help for his troubles, he will “do a great job” for the people of Pennsylvania “for a long time.” It is not clear how Shapiro can predict this potential outcome.

Governor Shapiro endorsed Fetterman against rival Oz in 2022’s mid-term elections.

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