Parents Accused of Leaving Their Kids in Cages

( – On Friday, two University of Florida scientists were taken into custody on charges that they had locked their children in cages while they were at work.

The Gainesville Police Department has charged Dustin Huff, 35, and Yurui Xie, 31, with child abuse.

Authorities said the pair displayed the makeshift cages to authorities “as if it were all normal” while searching their property.

Police discovered an unsanded, wooden enclosure built of 2x4s in what seemed to be a homemade cage. During the search of the dwelling, police were reportedly informed by the older child, 6, that there were occasions when he would spend the whole day in the cage, beginning when he returned home from school and ending when he was required to leave at seven in the morning.

At school, he expressed his distaste for going home to his parents by telling a school staff member that his parents would put him in a cage.

In the 6-year-old’s bedroom, the police discovered a wooden cage with bolts fastened on the exterior. The boy told police that his brother, 2, was also locked up by his parents. In the bathroom closet, police discovered an upside-down crib, creating another makeshift cage.

According to authorities, the parents admitted to confining their eldest because of his “disobedient” behavior and ADHD diagnosis. Xie reportedly told the authorities that the boy’s behavioral problems made it impossible for her to locate suitable child care.

According to Xie, they flipped over the crib since her 2-year-old son kept getting out of bed in the middle of the night.

Because of the enclosures, the two were promptly detained for child cruelty, according to the authorities.

Records show that Huff and Xie have a bond of $600,000 posted at the Alachua County prison. Xie has entered a not-guilty plea.

University of Florida administrators put the pair on administrative leave.

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