Parents Concerned After Children Given Inappropriate Books in School

( – The days of Catcher in the Rye, Wise Blood, and Lord of the Flies appear to be long gone. Parents around the country are now routinely reporting that the once-required middle and high school texts have been replaced by items with “explicit” and “indoctrinating” content.

Over and over again it would seem, families are saying that their youngsters are being forced to ingest content that most would consider to be age-inappropriate. An example from a public school district in Virginia is the latest reported incident. Parents in the city of McClean are accusing administrators at Cooper Middle School of forcing inappropriate reading content into 7th-grade English classes.

According to a report that cites local parents, their 7th graders were tasked with reading one or more books from a pre-approved list that covered everything from Black Lives Matter to illegal immigration. While the syllabus stated that students were not required to read every related book on the list, it also said that any potential replacement texts would have to come from similarly-themed items that had already been pre-approved by the district.

One parent who immigrated to the United States from China said the approved reading list for her child’s English courses appeared to have nothing to do with language arts. The list “looked completely unrelated” to English instruction, the parent said. She recalled her upbringing in China and referenced the “politics” that were “everywhere” while equating what she sees taking place stateside with “indoctrination.”

Beyond the apparent political elements parents say they are finding in their children’s school texts, many are continuing to allege that their young children are also being exposed to graphic gender-based themes. Another McClean parent said that 12 and 13-year-olds at her child’s school are being forced to consume LGBTQ content about gender transitions.

California recently passed legislation that allows the state to deny funding to districts that refuse to carry LGBTQ themed-texts in school classrooms.

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