Pastor Roasted After Complaining He Didn’t Receive New Watch From Congregation

Pastor Roasted After Complaining He Didn't Receive New Watch From Congregation

Pastor Mocked After TEARING Into Congregation – You Won’t Believe Why

( – On August 7 at the Church at the Well in Missouri, Pastor Carlton Funderburke stood in front of his congregation with a microphone and a message: give me a watch. During his speech, he began bashing members for neglecting to buy him the expensive gift — an odd direction for a preacher of the Word. In response to a video detailing the interaction, critics roasted Funderburke, calling him a “false prophet” and making fun of him for his material demand.

Following backlash, Pastor Funderburke released a follow-up video apologizing for his earlier antics and the hurt he may have caused those of the congregation. He explained there was no excuse for his behavior, stating that he privately addressed parishioners, who forgave the preacher.

Still, the message Funderburke sent was damaging, leaving a stain on the holy profession. The man of cloth used God’s name to demand an expensive piece of jewelry from the church, calling for members to give up their wants and needs for something he felt he deserved. The conduct is completely opposite of that set forth by Jesus Christ.

What do you think about Funderburke’s actions and apology? Do you believe he is sincere?

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