Pelosi Allowed Communion Even Though She Supports Abortion

Pelosi Allowed Communion Even Though She Supports Abortion

Catholic Church Turns a Blind Eye To Pelosi’s Obvious Corruption

( – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), a devoted Catholic, has a history of advocating for the pro-abortion movement. Bishops throughout America currently disagree on whether such actions should disbar someone from receiving Holy Communion; many consider it to be contributing to mortal sin and, thus, against the rules. Yet, despite her pro-abortion stance, Pelosi was recently granted access to the Holy Communion in Italy.

Pelosi had received the sacrament during mass at the Vatican on June 29, which marked the feasts of St. Paul and St. Peter. According to the Associated Press, two people spotted Pelosi in the church’s VIP section receiving communion.

San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvador Cordileone, who has a pre-existing relationship with the House Speaker, had previously indicated that she should not receive the service. Vatican officials opted to deliver it anyway.

There is a simple explanation for why Pelosi was allowed to take communion in Italy despite Cordileone disbarring her from the service on home soil. While the San Francisco diocese might decide to say no, nothing stops other church officials from saying yes. Each religious district has its own leaders and, thus, its own set of rules.

Another example of the gap in opinions between religious officials includes the time Pelosi was admitted to the Holy Communion at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Washington, DC.

Many people were surprised to hear that any Catholic diocese would allow Pelosi such privileges, given her pro-abortion activism. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has clarified that the church views abortion as morally evil and “gravely wrong.”

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