Pelosi Only Took 6 Days to Impeach Trump After 9 Months Negotiating Stimulus Relief

Pelosi Only Took 6 Days to Impeach Trump After 9 Months Negotiating Stimulus Relief

( – Americans started 2020 with a bang. The nations enjoyed one of its lowest unemployment rates in modern times. Economic growth was booming under President Donald Trump’s decisive leadership, with an average annual rise in GDP of 2.5%, an increase over the 2.3% rate he inherited from Barack Obama.

President Trump boasted he built the greatest economy the US had ever experienced, and in many aspects, he was correct. However, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the shores of the United States, and everything changed. The economic fallout and resulting job losses due to local quarantines and other restrictions decimated the nation’s economy.

Americans were hurting, and the House and Senate passed a $2.2-trillion coronavirus stimulus package in late March, and the president signed the bill into law on March 27.

What About the Second Relief Package?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spent the next nine months negotiating the terms for a second coronavirus relief package with the Trump administration, led by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Even though both sides wanted to pass the aid measure before the 2020 general elections, they came and went with no relief package.

Eventually, the president signed a second economic stimulus bill on December 27. Americans received a reduced payment of $600 this time, despite President Trump’s push for an increase to $2,000.

So what was the hold-up? Pelosi decided to play politics instead of putting Americans’ best interests first. Unbelievable right? Correct, but Pelosi admitted as much during a December 4 press conference when she announced her willingness to finally work with Mnuchin, citing the result of the presidential election and progress on a COVID-19 vaccine.

Putting this in perspective, Pelosi took nine months to allow the passage of a second relief package. Still, this week, she managed to push the Democratic-led House to pass an article of impeachment against the president in only six days.

The bottom line: Americans would not have suffered for months had Pelosi and other Democrats cared about their hardship as much as they dislike President Trump.

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