Pelosi Will Travel to Taiwan Despite Getting Threats

Pelosi Will Travel to Taiwan Despite Getting Threats

Pelosi Is GOING – New Mission Unveiled!

( – According to a new piece published by the Financial Times, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is planning to take the trip to Taiwan that she’d previously canceled while suffering from COVID-19. The Chinese government responded to the news with a stark warning, threatening “forceful measures” if the official traveled to the island nation. Rumors suggest that Pelosi fully intends to follow through in spite of the attempt at intimidation.

If the Speaker does travel to Taiwan, the self-governing nation China claims as its own, the excursion would mark the first time in 2.5 decades for a person in her position to visit the island. While rumors suggest the Democrat is determined to follow through, she has yet to confirm.

Pelosi’s apparent dedication to traveling the world comes in the wake of claims from President Biden that the US military feels deep discomfort over the idea of her visiting Taipei. However, the POTUS also recently acknowledged that he does not currently know the status of the trip.

Pelosi and her team have not yet released any details about the prospective excursion, citing security concerns. However, the House Speaker did offer some insight during her weekly press briefing on July 21 when she explained that she wouldn’t discuss an itinerary.

During the same appearance, the official also pointed out that Biden may have been concerned about the potential for China to shoot down the US military plane that would carry her across the ocean to Taiwan. She admitted to not knowing exactly what the president meant by his comments but re-asserted the importance of America supporting the island nation.

Whether or not Pelosi intends to travel to Taiwan remains to be seen. However, Biden is uncomfortable with the idea, and China stands against it. Will the House Speaker defy the CCP, possibly putting herself or the US at risk? Or, will she recognize the potential fallout of her proposed actions and call it off?

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