Pence Grapples with Brutal 6-Figure Debt Despite $1.2 Million in Assets

( – While most Americans would likely appreciate having a checking account balance of $1.2 million, those same individuals would likely agree that in the world of political campaigns, that total is mere pennies. The aforementioned amount is what the apparently cash-strapped campaign of Mike Pence is reported to currently have on hand.

When viewed alongside the 2024 presidential candidate’s $620,000 worth of reported campaign debt, the overall sum available to the former Vice President is even less. For the sake of reference, around $2.4 billion was spent nationally by all the collective presidential candidates in the 2016 elections, primaries included.

When it came to the two leading contenders, former President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the duo spent a combined $1.16 billion. Despite losing, Clinton dished out a significantly higher amount than her rival. The former New York Senator dropped $768 million and the ex-Commander-in-Chief doled out some $398 million.

In an October 15th piece, Politico reported that the Pence campaign’s 2023 third-quarter fundraising totals amounted to $3.3 million. According to the outlet, the former VP threw $150,000 of his own private savings into his White House pursuit. Although most would probably agree that Pence’s reported $4 million net worth makes him wealthy by constituency standards, a full 85% of that total was accrued after he left office via the public speaking circuit.

Because the man who was second-in-line to the presidency does not appear to have used his time in office to enrich himself like so many of our nation’s politicians are accused of doing, he can either blow his retirement stash on his 2024 hopes or continue to run his campaign on what many would consider to be fumes.

Politico’s piece refers to his campaign’s war chest as “dismal” and says his lack of reliable donations “could” affect his ability to qualify for participation in future primary debates.

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