Pennsylvania Lieutenant Gov. Unchecked Corruption Goes Public

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Gov. Unchecked Corruption Goes Public

Pro-Lockdown Lieutenant Governor Accused of Corruption

( – John Fetterman, the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, has a history of pushing COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. Like many other politicians, he also seems to have an occasional problem with following the same protocols as everyone else. Fetterman allegedly used taxpayer money to fund a recent family vacation to the Jersey Shore during COVID-19 lockdowns.

The Pennsylvania State Police Department spent $3,500 in lodging, food, and overtime fees in a bid to provide security for the Senate candidate during his family holiday. But the worst part about Fetterman’s time off wasn’t that it was taxpayer funded; his family took the trip at the same time when he and other Democrats were actively urging citizens to stay home.

The Lieutenant Governor, who is currently running against Dr. Mehmet Oz, pushed Americans to wear masks and avoid traveling unless absolutely necessary throughout the pandemic. He even promised his own constituents that he would always adhere to the same guidelines. Yet, when it came time for his vacation, he tossed those suggestions out the window and took off to another state for recreational purposes. Once there, he ventured out mask free.

Fetterman’s campaign spokesman Joe Cavello later told the Washington Free Beacon that his county of residence wasn’t living under lockdowns when his family took the trip as if that would somehow excuse the failure. But he also suggested that the Senate candidate never filed for reimbursement for the travel expenses. Is this evidence of corruption? What do you think?

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