Pentagon Vows to “Hold Iran Accountable” for Attacks on U.S. Forces

( – According to the latest NBC report, America’s already-deployed forces in Syria and Iraq have been attacked at least 13 times since Israel’s conflict with Hamas began on October 7th. The attacks appear not to have been the half-hearted variety in which an explosion occurs some hundred yards from where troops are housed.

On October 24th, U.S. Central Command confirmed that at least 24 American troops were wounded in the series of attacks. In the six months prior to Hamas’ incursion into Israel, Iranian proxies were said to have refrained from engaging U.S. forces. Following the events in Gaza, all bets now appear to be off.

Despite the inflow of American fighter jets, ships, soldiers, and marines into the Middle East, the U.S. military has at least not openly done anything to any so-called aggressors outside shooting down a handful of missiles and drones launched from Yemen. That perceived lack of action seems to run in contrast to statements from both Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the Pentagon itself.

“We will hold Iran accountable,” a Pentagon official said on October 23rd. The following day, America’s top diplomat told world leaders at the United Nations that while the U.S. does not seek to have conflict with Iran, the nation will take the necessary action to defend itself and its interests.

In referencing the recent chorus of attacks on American military personnel in the region, Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said in language that most would likely consider blunt that all roads lead “back to Iran.” Like Blinken, Ryder did not indicate how, when, where, or to what extent the U.S. military would be engaging adversaries that challenge U.S. forces.

On the same day as Blinken’s appearance at the U.N., the Pentagon announced that an additional two batteries of Iron Dome missile systems would be sent to Israel as a preventative measure.

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