People Walk out of Putin’s Speech

( – While Americans are waiting to see what their President will say about the wars in Israel and Ukraine during his televised national address on the evening of October 19th, mainstream outlets are reporting that Russian President Vladimir Putin was on the receiving end of what appeared to be a small protest of sorts during his October 17th visit to Beijing.

The Russian leader was there to attend the nation’s third summit relating to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a massive international infrastructure project that the United States happens to have been left out of. When it came time for Putin to address the attendees, a handful of European delegates were said to have left the auditorium.

A video accompanying one of the legacy reports on the apparently planned walkout shows only eight people walking out of the room that was reported to have well over 1,000 world leaders in it from Africa, Europe, and Asia. Newsweek said that “multiple” people left the room. An Indian outlet said that “several” individuals exited the conference.

China is said to be Russia’s closest ally, both militarily and economically. Putin’s visit with Xi Jinping is only his second state trip out of Russia since the Hague’s International Criminal Court issued a warrant for his arrest in March for what they said were war crimes related to his trafficking of Ukrainian children back to Russia.

The Russian leader’s last trip to China took place in 2022 and was only a few weeks prior to the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine. China is not a member-state of the ICC and the court does not have jurisdiction in the country. As such, Putin cannot be arrested there based on their decree.

Beyond unenforceable international arrest warrants, many are of the opinion that Russia has thus far held off Ukraine’s much-anticipated and much-talked-about counteroffensive. In spite of this, the White House is planning to continue funding the war.

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