Pete Buttigieg’s Attempt to Stop Phone Carrier’s 5G Completely Falls Apart

Pete Buttigieg's Attempt to Stop Phone Carrier's 5G Completely Fell Apart

( – Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg wasn’t always where he is today. The once presidential hopeful was, at one time, the mayor of South Bend, IN. In his city, he drastically changed how the streets moved and how traffic made its way through South Bend, positively changing the landscape. However, Buttigieg quickly learned that his new job was about more than fixing potholes.

As the Transportation Secretary, it’s Buttigieg’s job to improve America’s transportation infrastructure. Flying in the United States has become essential and is allegedly the safest way to travel. Buttigieg pointed to this fact in a letter asking phone carriers to halt their launch of the latest 5G technology.

The former mayor mentioned that the new 5G tech could interfere with vital safety systems aboard aircraft. Jeffrey Knittel, CEO of Airbus America, and Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun agree, urging the current administration to halt the 5G launch. Boeing issued a statement saying it’s working with the necessary parties to ensure continuous operational safety in aviation worldwide.

However, both AT&T and Verizon disagreed with the aerospace giants and Buttigieg. In a response letter, the two CEOs of the phone carriers noted that with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it’s critical for America’s institutions to communicate effectively with the increasing traffic demands.

Buttigieg claimed that the US is the safest country to fly in and that America achieves this by identifying and omitting risks. AT&T and Verizon argued that France already safely uses 5G and has no issues with aviation, adding that if US flights can fly in France with 5G, they should be able to do the same back home.

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