Photo Of ‘Murdered’ Pro Boxer Stuns Wife

Former Pro Boxer Helps Cops Solve His Own Murder Plot

Former Pro Boxer Helps Cops Solve His Own Murder Plot

( – Rarely is a person given the opportunity to solve their own murder plot. However, Ramon Sosa, a former professional boxer, was one of the few who got the unique experience. While some people have tried to fake their deaths in order to get out of debt or legal troubles, Sosa did it to save his own life.

In an interview with Fox New Digital, Sosa explained authorities had enough evidence to arrest the person who was attempting to take his life — his own wife, Lulu Sosa. Nonetheless, there were concerns the jury would be sympathetic because the suspect was pretty and a mother of two. The would-be victim said police didn’t want to take the chance of her getting away and asked him to fake his death. They would then document it, present his wife with the photos, and use her reaction as evidence.

The former boxer had heard from a friend that his wife was trying to hire a hitman to kill him. The couple had been going through a rough divorce, and Sosa believes his wife wanted all of his money and assets rather than only half. Investigators had Sosa pose with his hands behind his back and made it appear as though he had been shot in the head.

From there, an undercover official posed as the hitman and presented the photo of a dead Sosa to the boxer’s wife. She reportedly laughed and attempted to pay the faux hitman $3,000. Authorities arrested her in 2015, and she’s now serving two decades in prison. Sosa, on the other hand, has found a new love interest and declared his life is wonderful.

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