Police End Bomb Threat After Discovering Object To Be a Toy

Police End Bomb Threat After Discovering Object To Be an

Police Call Off Bomb Threat After Making EMBARRASSING Discovery

(RepublicanNews.org) – On July 26, a man called 911 to investigate a package thrown out the window at his place of work by his ex-wife, who had threatened him and his fiance earlier that day. Apparently, Roxanna Copeland called him at work to say, “I’m gonna blow y’all up.” When Nashville Metro Police arrived and investigated the suspicious bag, they found an adult toy with no explosives in sight.

According to reports, the accused spent the day harassing the couple. When surveillance cameras caught her tossing a sack out of her vehicle window and driving away in the early evening, the tow yard employee took her at her word. He sought police assistance just an hour after watching the unsettling footage.

Authorities shut down the area to check out the package, calling in hazardous device units to conduct a thorough and safe search. Once they realized everyone was in the clear, they arrested the suspect, charged the perpetrator with two counts of falsely reporting an emergency, and set her bond to $50,000. The alleged criminal is staying at the Correction Development Center, awaiting her day in court. It remains unclear whether she will face hefty fines or jail time for her suspected actions.

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